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December 3, the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Parts Bureau, the city has received a total of the fifth center of environmental protection accessories supervisor group to do the case 426, are the first time to switch to the relevant 36 counties and 10 Municipal part. Now, 135 cases have been returned to handle the case, ordered 222 companies rectification, 135 on file, a fine of 304.982 million yuan, 101 interviews, accountability 6. The city's districts and counties in strict accordance with the center of the fifth environmental protection inspector of the group and the municipal government request to environmental protection inspectors as an opportunity to do a good job of troubleshooting, to rectify the implementation of efforts to improve environmental protection accessories long-term mechanism to promote regional environmental protection operations And the construction of ecological civilization.

The city set up on-site disposal group, chasing accountability group, propaganda group, as a supervisor of environmental petition complaints, urged the responsible units to actively deal with the case carefully, and according to the case query processing, the responsibility of the person responsible for tracing, Handling claims, and served as a good publicity inspectors and public delivery of the case information publicity work.

The municipal government attaches great importance to the center of environmental protection accessories inspectors work, the request of the county party committee, government and relevant departments, unity of thinking, to do the fifth center of environmental protection inspectors Inspector cooperation.

Jiangbei District, once again important to clear the ecological environmental protection parts of the principle of the mission, innovative thinking, increase the action, do a good job with the request of the district supervision room, the district government supervision room, district environmental protection Bureau continued to carry out special supervision, Rectification efforts.

For example, some people reflect, located in Jiangbei District Dashi dam Weiwei garage, paint smell nuisance. Jiangbei District, then part of the interview Weiwei Wei repair plant owner, issued a rectification notice, seized its paint room, and its administrative penalty of 10,000 yuan. Together, the plant near the other repair shop all-weather monitoring.

Strengthen the supervision, not in the environmental protection, chaos as not even do not perform due diligence, abuse of power and other practices, the District Committee, the implementation of the " The district government will seriously investigate and deal with; strengthen the question-oriented, to seize the point at the time of environmental doubt, to accelerate the progress of rectification, especially for the public to reflect the outstanding environmental problems, adopt a strong approach to resolve.

Some people reflect, Kunshan City, more than 20 wineries daily use of boiler burning more than 300 kilograms of coal, straight row of exhaust gas and dust, some wineries do not build sewage treatment pond, straight row of wastewater.

Subsequently, Kunshan City, the establishment of six special environmental protection group, the region's wineries to start investigation, find out the current production situation of wineries, pollution management equipment construction and operation status, the amount of waste water and whereabouts, production scale, sewage permits And other basic conditions. For the existence of environmental problems of alcohol, the company responsible for the launch of environmental protection laws and regulations of publicity and education, the company made a detailed request for rectification, the request is not perfect environmental protection equipment accessories or environmental protection procedures company in December 2016, Environmental protection equipment, dealing with environmental protection procedures; imperfect equipment or procedures are not complete, it is necessary to suspend production for rectification, improve the environmental protection period accessories and environmental accessories procedures.

In addition, the active cooperation center for environmental protection parts of the Inspectorate group operations, the city's other districts and counties of the environmental accessories inspector operations were re-launched, and then deployed to request the responsibility does not perform, the operation is not in place units and their own, And further strengthen the rectification of environmental protection parts of the rectification efforts and the progress of rectification and reform, and further promote the environmental protection parts of the "party and government responsibility, a post-double responsibility" responsibility to implement.

Together, the district will be detailed inspector inspection mission decomposition of the implementation of the relevant functional part of the surrounding key mission to promote the status and outstanding environmental list of questions, one by one grasp the corrective measures. Related part We strengthen supervision work to main point area, main point occupation, main point company.

According to the party center, the State Council request and the responsibility of the Inspectorate Group, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group of Suzhou City, the main environmental protection letters from the information. Other questions do not belong to the scale of the petition will be in accordance with the rules by the Inspector of the region, units and relevant departments to deal with.

Kunshan Feitel Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise which integrates planning, design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sale service. The use of high-tech professional management of various types of air pollution control projects, the main products are: all kinds of dust collection system, various types of exhaust gas treatment system, the whole plant ventilation system, various types of industrial fans and various equipment accessories, .

The company has a group of experienced and innovative professional engineering design and professional production team, with perfect production and quality management assurance system, design and manufacture of various types of environmental protection equipment specifications complete, perfect performance, all carried out industrial optimization Design, equipment system with integrated, modular, notable features, simple operation, low failure rate, beautiful appearance, by the application of a wide range of customers, recognized and highly praised.

Since the establishment of the company, wholeheartedly committed to the cause of environmental purification, the company's product diversification strategy to environmental policy and actual demand-oriented, and strive to develop innovative environmental products, and constantly improve the quality of enterprise innovation and quality system, strengthen the hard power And soft power construction.

The Company continued the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad and the production process, to undertake the environmental projects have adopted the national environmental protection departments or local environmental protection departments through the acceptance test, and are in all walks of life in the efficient and stable operation. Its main industries are: new materials, semiconductor, electronics, chemicals, rubber, automotive, ceramics, wood furniture, mold, new energy, all kinds of power plants, smelters and machinery manufacturing industry.

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