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Explosion - proof dust collector
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First, talent excellent

Since its inception the company will focus on human resources, the company gathered a group of domestic counterparts outstanding, with rich practical experience in air purification expertise, management personnel.

Second, since the production for sale, all varieties

Various types of dust treatment system: desulfurization dust, industrial dust

1, dry dust removal process: bag dust removal process, cartridge dust collection process, centrifugal dust removal process

2, wet dust treatment process: washing dust removal process, spray dust treatment process

A variety of waste gas treatment systems: flue gas desulfurization, industrial waste gas

1, flue gas desulfurization process: dry desulfurization process, wet desulfurization process

2, industrial waste gas process: chemical scrubber treatment process, activated carbon adsorption tower treatment process, nano-photocatalytic tower treatment process, low-temperature plasma tower treatment process, smoke filters, etc.

Whole plant ventilation system: general ventilation, cooling ventilation

Various types of industrial fans: high-pressure centrifugal fan, medium-pressure centrifugal fan, low-pressure centrifugal fan

Various types, all types of duct (pipeline) works, construction installation, production;

Third, good service

1, the initial contact stage:

Our company has a number of outstanding on-site professional surveying engineers, equipped with a special office vehicles, customers can actually measure the scene services to tailor the design for your company's accurate design.

2, equipment installation phase:

Provide free training.

The organization has extensive experience in the construction of the technical staff responsible for the guidance of the specific installation of the equipment to ensure the installation of quality and equipment functions, and to ensure that the system running smooth, efficient and reliable.

Actively cooperate with the progress of site construction requirements, and strictly abide by the construction site of the plant discipline rules;

3, the warranty period:

Warranty period, the equipment failure technical staff to the site maintenance, inspection, to ensure that the equipment can be used normally.

Service requirements: received a unit fault repair phone, rushed to the scene within 24 hours.

Warranty period: 12 months after installation.

3, the warranty period:

Long-term service, responsible for life-long maintenance;

Warranty period of maintenance, do not charge service fees, according to the standard ex-factory price to provide replacement parts costs.

Service requirements: received a unit fault repair phone, rushed to the scene within 24 hours.

4, training plan

Commissioning, training in the field of your company's operating personnel free of charge, so that demand-side operating personnel to achieve independent boot level.

5, after-sales and technical service requirements

The Company is committed to: Division I provide the equipment in accordance with the following terms of service implementation:

Randomly provide detailed information: "Manual"; "certificate."

Provide the corresponding free technical training.

Free on-site training: A. The use of precautions; B. general failure of the maintenance;

Fourth, excellent quality

1, My company's important procurement of parts are used in Taiwan, Japan or Europe and the United States well-known brands, by the Division I professional quality personnel, after the quality of confirmation of quality inspection warehousing.

2, the company's equipment or accessories, most of them are processed by the machine, the error is small, high precision, the overall appearance of all the metal surface of all artificial welding slag grinding, followed by comprehensive sandblasting to remove iron oxide, and then two The end of the high-quality anti-corrosion paint on both sides.