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Explosion - proof dust collector
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Kunshan Feitel Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise which integrates planning, design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sale service. The use of high-tech professional management of various types of air pollution control projects, the main products are: all kinds of dust collection system, various types of exhaust gas treatment system, the whole plant ventilation system, various types of industrial fans and various equipment accessories, .

The company has a group of experienced and innovative professional engineering design and professional production team, with perfect production and quality management assurance system, design and manufacture of various types of environmental protection equipment specifications complete, perfect performance, all carried out industrial optimization Design, equipment system with integrated, modular, notable features, simple operation, low failure rate, beautiful appearance, by the application of a wide range of customers, recognized and highly praised.

Since the establishment of the company, wholeheartedly committed to the cause of environmental purification, the company's product diversification strategy to environmental policy and actual demand-oriented, and strive to develop innovative environmental products, and constantly improve the quality of enterprise innovation and quality system, strengthen the hard power And soft power construction.

The Company continued the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad and the production process, to undertake the environmental projects have adopted the national environmental protection departments or local environmental protection departments through the acceptance test, and are in all walks of life in the efficient and stable operation. Its main industries are: new materials, semiconductor, electronics, chemicals, rubber, automotive, ceramics, wood furniture, mold, new energy, all kinds of power plants, smelters and machinery manufacturing industry.

The company adhere to the "excellent technology, excellent quality, excellent service, excellent reputation" as the core business model to win-win cooperation for the purpose of the development of ideas, the enterprise sincere gratitude to your care and support, please believe that Fitter The company's technology products and services for the quality of your company to solve the current environmental problems, we will, as always, adhere to the company's core business model and development philosophy and sincere cooperation of all the friends.

Welcome new and old customers throughout the visit, win-win cooperation and common development.

Company Profile